Imagine a brand and website that’s created with your customers in mind and let’s you be you in your business! An online presence that you can truly be proud of and one that makes the impact you want to make in the world. It all starts here!

My signature all-inclusive package includes everything you need to launch or makeover your brand + online presence so you can attract your ideal clients and get back to what you do best in your business!


One package = all you need and that’s legit it! This package takes you from discovering your brand personality and your brand voice to design and over lunch launch party, whoop whoop!*



  • Biz Brand Archetype Quiz + Results

  • Brand Voice Coaching

  • Brand Discovery Questionnaire 

  • Brand/Website Inspiration Board

  • 2 Strategy Coaching Sessions

  • 3 Social Media Graphics per your marketing platform preference


  • Primary Font-based Logo

  • Secondary font-based Logo

  • Logo Sub Mark

  • Font Combinations

  • Color Palette

  • Brand Style Guide 



  • Customized Squarespace Website

  • Squarespace Setup

  • 7 Basic Web Pages

  • Integration : Blogs, Galleries, Mailchimp Email etc

  • Mobile-Friendly & Responsive Design


  • Launch Day Action Plan

  • 1 Additional Collateral item such as business card, opt-in pdf’s, flyers etc

  • All final files!

  • Celebratory virtual dance party!


project exclusivity!

That’s right, I work with one client at a time so you get my undivided full attention when it comes to creating your stand out brand! Not like those other guys who take on 10 projects at once taking it 6 months to complete. You are my numero-uno priority while we’re on this adventure together!

*package does not include initial or ongoing Squarespace hosting (you can view current pricing here,) email management service, or domain purchase.




Closeout 2018 with clarity and confidence so you can set yourself up for a bangin’ 2019!

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Designing takes time. Time that you certainly don't have scanning google for every tutorial possible to DIY your own brand and website. You're ready to up-level, I hear ya girlfriend! Click below to fill out the Project Adventure Q's to see if we’re a match for the Signature All-Inclusive package and we'll get this party started!


*Rate can vary depending on the amount of website content and if you need additional functionality such as membership sites or e-commerce functionality, please contact for a custom quote!

you’re totes perfect for this package if…


If you don’t see the A to your Q then give me a shout:

+ Do you only design in Squarespace?

Yes! This platform makes the tech side of business super easy to manage, navigate and update for any creative business owner, blogger, or online entrepreneur. It's because of that, that I want you to get back to what you do best in your business and Squarespace is a perfect solution for that!

+ Do I need to know code

Nope! There's a rock start built-in Style Editor that handles all of that for you. No coding required.

+ What type of clients do you work with?

Primarily online creatives and entrepreneurs

+ How much time will this take?

The entire project will be set for 2 weeks depending on total project package. The clients gets to do some fun homework about 2-4 weeks before the project start date!

+ What do I need before we can work together?

You need all of your goodies! This includes all of your content, images, optin downloads if applicable.

+ If I book today, how much do I pay?

You pay 33% of your total package price on the day of booking to hold your designated project spot! After that, the next 33% payment will be the day before the project begins and the last payment at the end of the 2nd design week. paid in full amounts or 50% / 50% available

+ What happens after I book?!

We get this party started! You'll receive a link to make your first project payment and a contract to sign then I'll send you the pieces of homework to complete prior to the project kick off! This includes:

  • Taking the Biz Brand Archetype Quiz (this part is really fun!)
  • Learn more about results & offer feedback!
  • Fill out the Branding Questionnaire
  • Make a Pinterest Inspiration board
  • Strategy Coaching Session
  • Create Site Map : all pages, blogs, forms, content you want to have on your website
  • Make sure all website items are ready, ie. images, copy, optin etc

+ How many projects do you work on at a time?

ONE major project at a time! You get project exclusivity with me by your side to rock out your amazing brand and website in 2-weeks flat!

+ How available do I need to be during to project process

I ask that my clients be very responsive during our 2-week time together. This allows us to complete the project on schedule and what allows me to secure your design project timeframe as well!

+ What is your refund policy

Because of the digital nature of the work we do together, they cannot be returned and are non-refundable. Please email me if you have any specific questions about this:

+ Can I keep my current domain

Yup! It's all yours buttercup! We'll just connect it to your Squarespace site!

+ How much does it cost to be on Squarespace

You can see the current Squarespace pricing here. Whichever plan you choose, it does include hosting. If you don't yet have a domain name, that will usually cost anywhere from $10-20/year.

+ Is Squarespace right for me?

If you're looking for a website that's offers clean design and won't give you a tech-headache then Squarespace is perfect!

I suggest Squarespace for entrepreneurs, creative professionals, small business owners, and bloggers. I don't think Squarespace is a good fit if you run a large business, or an organization with complex website requirements.

+ YYEEAASS! I'm ready, how do I hire you?!

Fill out a few q's here and I'll be in touch within 24 hours so we can schedule a call and chat to make sure we're a perfect fit. If so, yay! and I'll also send over a contract and invoice to sign. Once you've paid your deposit and signed the contract, you're booked! Your design date will be saved and be unavilable for anyone else and I'll send over the fun client homework so you can get a head start!

ditch the website shame & overwhelm!

And step into an easy, fun, and impactful Brand, Website, and online PRESENCE!  



These are the amazing clients I’ve been honored to collaborate with in creating a brand and online presence that shouts their message, impacts their audience, and shares the work they’re doing in the world!

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