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And it feels sooooo good! 

It's December 29th, 2017 and the New Year is literally just a couple days away. I think usually I've waited until January 1 or after to set goals for the next year but this year I decided to start a little earlier. (A few days still counts!)

I've been rushing my whole life so it's a practice for me to live life with a calm & present heart. You know the difference between a rushed one! Being more present in my life was one of my focuses for 2017 and it was a tough practice - one I'll still get to practice.

I decided instead of rushing, I'm filling the next few days with dreaming, scheming, and planning all my achieving for 2018!

I've been learning more and more about myself and what I want in my life and in my business ever since I decided to be an Entrepreneur. It's a journey, a really big adventure! I expected to be at a different place in my business by now considering I started my first business, a product-based business, in the fall of 2017. At this point, I expected more... 

  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Content creation
  • Product + Service options
  • Functioning systems to run my business
  • A bigger committed community
  • Impact
  • Consistency
  • and more freaking Income - duh! (just saying what we're all thinking!)

But when I look back on everything I've gained over these 2 learning years, I wouldn't trade any of it - even though you would have caught me a few times during this journey wanting to throw in the towel and burn everything to the ground! #realtalk

As I was reflecting today I realized I've actually gained a lot more than I thought including :

  • Clarity
  • Focus
  • Content creation ideas
  • Product + Services options for my people
  • Confidence
  • Visibility
  • Partners with other B.A. online female adventurpreneurs changing not only their personal worlds but the many worlds around them
  • Experience! Holy guacamole to think about who I was when I FIRST started!
  • Truth of who I am, what I want in my life, and what's really possible
  • Stamina to block haters from what my heart knows is possible
  • and so.much.more

So you may be asking, what's the 'starting over' deal if you've actually gained more than you thought?

My start over means I'm doing what IIIIII want to do!

It means that over the past couple years I've gained experience and perspective of who I am, who I want to be and what I want most in my life and in my business. That discovery has included trying a few models that other people have done, tried a few things I thought I 'should' do and all of which never seemed to quite fit. It was either not what I thought it would be or letting pesky "should's" run my show.

When you find a business rhythm then you start to see more opportunities and ways you can serve your people! AND in a way that they receive and that YOU love to create! You start to sync up with what your heart wants to create and in-turn, sync up with those that are waiting for you!

No one wants to feel trapped in their business doing something someone else told them they 'should' do but it doesn't really jive with what you love. #livedit 

This is what I remind myself, "The grass is greener where you water it." There are tons of people who have built their businesses online in several different ways. Your job and mine? To find what fits US! Because what WE'RE jazzed about is what will get the best version of ourselves, our efforts, and our love and THAT'S what will propel us into success! 

So for my 2018, I'm starting over and picking some new grass that I've learned fits better underneath my feet! A business rhythm of creating courses + community that allows me, what I want to create, and my people, the freedom to create a life that our only response to, "How are you?" is,

"Living the dream!" 

I thought for so long that the only part of me that you'd want to see was a polished and 'figured it ALL out already' version. I chucked that, along with perfectionism, and I'm hiking up this Adventurepreneur mountain more transparent than ever about the real journey of becoming a #girlboss to gain more freedom, impact, and income in 2018!


That's what this blog's about - the PI 6-fig Journey!

The ups, the downs, and all the inbetweenies... for my 2018, I'm, "All in!"

Cheers what will be the most epic year yet!

Whoop whoop!

Dana Bowman