HR & company success coach helping female entrepreneurs grow their teams, let go of the day to day, learning how to truly lead. She's focused on helping women navigate through scaling their business and leading a team. She believes the world needs more women leaders and that you won't be able to grow your business without a motivated team to help push it forward. 

I loved helping Stephanie create cohesion with her biz brand. She really wanted something that came across as approachable, genuine, empowered, confident, and passionate.

She had her colors pick and we worked together to really polish and portray exactly what she wanted her brand to communicate cross platform.

My favorite focus of her business is to empower female entrepreneurs to step into their power as leaders, create a lasting legacy, and build the empire of their dreams.

How awesome is that?!

I love working with powerful and inspiring women on a mission to serve in a bigger way and Stephanie's doing exactly that!

Dana Bowman