Shedsistence was created by Rob and Samantha, a couple with a big heart for life, adventure, and tiny living. They have an incredible [and awesomely documented] story about building their own tiny house with their own hands - and some friend & family to help :) 

I was so inspired and empowered by their work that I asked if I could use their photos and tiny house concept for a Branding and Website template build. Robert got back to me within a matter of minutes allowing me the gift to take on this project!

A tiny house adventure is in our own future and if you're any-a-bit curious or inspired by people who are doing life differently, then check out what's going on in their world over on instagram @shed_tinyhouse!

You can view the WEBSITE demo TEMPLATE here

It was such a blast to create this fun, interactive, and inspiring concept! A big thank you to Robert and Samantha for an opportunity to be creative with what they're already creating. 

Dana Bowman