I created funCTIONAL from an idea that putting pen to paper is powerful and that structure and overall badassery is possible in a creative, inviting, and fun way!

Brainstormed, sketched, and created out of a need to really, 'have it all and in one place', this Goal-setting life planner with a focus on health has exactly that... it all! From writing down the Vision you have for your life, your community, and globally, to defining your Whys, setting your Goals, creating Habits that get you there all while Planning it out on the daily and keeping your Health a priority.

Like I said... it all! 

This was a creative spark from the desire for something with the structure to accomplish big things in life and the frustration that most everything that did have structure was bboooorrrriiinngg! Eww!

In my own brainstorming session of what I wanted in a planner [during the biggest failure of my life - check out more of the story here] I wrote down the word functional and realized the first three letters said exactly what else I wanted in my planner - for it to be fun!

Boom, done and done!

Fun engaging colors that invite you to feel like a kid again, to open your heart back up to the reality that life gets to be an incredibly fun adventure! That adulting doesn't have to be boring and that those dreams you have stirring in your heart - yup, that one - they're all still possible! 

And this is a guide that helps you through exactly that! It was a blast to go through this process of letting loose and letting big bold pops of color take the wheel.


Dana Bowman