Meagan of Abundant Joy, has such a big vision for her business. She focused on inspiring others to find the joy in their lives. To provide life coaching for women looking to change their career or start a business and don't know what direction to take. Helping them find a healthy balance in their life and learn to love and own who they really are, not who society wants them to be. To support female entrepreneurs in knowing abundant joy is possible and with the right mentor, tools and techniques anything is possible.

She has an even bigger vision that expands 2 more divisions of Abundant Joy and creates Abundant Fit + Abundant life.

I can't wait to see all this come alive!

It was such a blast to help Meagan create an energetic, empowering, and joy-filled brand that represents her mission to help women move away from self doubt and to live a life of confidence, freedom, excellence and Abundant Joy.

Dana Bowman