Where the Hell is the Hummus?! Creating Boundaries in Business

When you’re an Entrepreneur, since the beginning one of the biggest things you look forward to is setting your own schedule! Having complete and utter dominion over your own time! You get to decide EVERYTHING! You’re not bound by a time clock at work, told when you can take your lunch or go to the bathroom, or searching for 10 minutes for a parking spot that’s in BFE. You are the decider!

What you may not know is how or that you need to set boundaries in your business.

This is my second week being PRN, ‘as needed’ as Nurse and more Full-time in my business - yay - and I’m still learning! I’m still learning how to manage my time to the max so I can also live that #worklifebalance we want as Entrepreneurs! Still learning how to be the most effective with my time, making sure to drink lots of water, not go down the comparison rabbit hole, and to take breaks while I’m actually working, like for every 40 minutes of work taking a 10 minute break! That’s freaking crazy to me! But I’m practicing because I’m also learning that by doing so, you can increase your productivity!


Most of all what I’m learning is how to create boundaries.

Boundaries aren’t personal! They’re imperative, I’m learning! They’re so important for you to be able to focus and create that momentum in your business and with your brand so you can move forward and grow and still live your personal life!

I created a boundary that no longer will I work on Sundays! No client calls, no sending contracts. No answering emails, no discovery calls with potential clients and no client work. And I don’t need to wait until I have x-amount of $$ coming in or any other number of other things to DO business the way I want to do it. NOW is when I’m starting and that goes for you too!


We meal prep on Sundays. Javi’s been doing most of the actual meal prep too over the past couple months because I’ve been rockin’ out client work in my biz! Blessed, I know! But this last Sunday Javi go called into work.

I thought, “Well, if Javi’s working anyway then I can get a head start on the work week - yay!!” He was there from 10:30am - 9:30pm. Which means ALL of Sunday. Which means I was the one to shop for all the food and do meal prep… by myself.

** Insert frustration, blame, and overwhelm because I wanted to do my own thang and now I ‘couldn’t’ - more on this later! **

I was in the grocery store on Sunday shopping for our regular meal prep for the week. Honestly, Javi does the shopping most of the time! Sometimes I go with, I’m so blessed. But I.HATE.GROCERY.SHOPPING! I hate going up and down every isle because I don’t know where everything is and it seriously feels like takes me twice as long to shop for food because when I think I know where something is, I’m scouring 5 isles to find it!

I get down to the last item on the list… hummus. I’m almost outta here! I check a few isles and can’t find it so, whatdoyaknow, I go back to a couple because I thought I missed it and all I’m thinking is…


Then I finally asked for help from one of the employees, picked it right up, and headed home.

On the drive home I was in a terrible mood and I hate being in a bad mood so I asked myself, “What’s really going on here?“

I went back on my boundary.

I set a boundary that Sunday would be Family Day, a day full of us relaxing together, enjoying where we are in life, back to meal prepping together, doing whatever we needed for the week, playing with our puppies, connecting with my family back home and I chucked all of that right out the window as soon as I thought, “Well, if Javi’s working anyway…”

You see, if I had stuck to my Sunday boundary then my time at the grocery store would have been much more enjoyable! I would have seen it as a time that I get to prepare my family when Javi is hard at work for our family! Time I get to spend blaring country music while making some yummy chili giggling that Bear likes to lay right on my feet when I’m cooking in the kitchen.

I want a Sunday boundary for a reason!

If I don’t have it I’ll get lost. I’ll miss out on my relationships with my husband, my friends, and my family. I’ll put hiking and being outside, playing with our pups, and experiencing new things on the back burner - every day. It’s not bad to be inspired or work on your biz over the weekends - by all means do your thang! I’ve worked on the weekends while in my Full Time job since I started my business. However, right now for me, I know I have a habit of getting tunnel vision when it comes to a big project or goal I’m working on. And since your business will always be evolving and there will ‘always’ be something to do - I have to set these boundaries or I’ll miss out on my own life.

For me it’s starting Family Day on Sunday’s so I can be completely present. It’s being able to connect to myself, my family, and what I’m creating in the world.

For you, maybe it’s different. Maybe it’s no client calls on Friday’s. Maybe it’s having Hump day off every week! Maybe it’s putting your fitness first in the mornings before everyone else is awake.

Maybe it’s saying “No" instead!

What are your boundaries in business?

My Mission with LIVINGMTM is show you the power of Possibility and do so in a way that inspires and empowers YOU to live out what More Than Mediocre means to you. I want you to see that you get to do life differently! You get to dream how you want to dream, achieve what you want to achieve, and know that by chasing your own dreams you’re not taking away from anyone else’s!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on setting boundaries in business! Do you have certain boundaries already or are you just starting to create some yourself? Comment below and let me know!

Cheers to setting many more boundaries in life and business!

In fun + possibility,

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