What's in a { business } name?

There is so much information, education, and school's of thought when it comes to branding your business. Let's taco-bout it!

Yes, I do love tacos! I also love making things simple, easy, and effective and choosing your business name is included! At the end of the day you're the one choosing and you're the one creating the brand around it. The success of your brand and business is dependent upon many contributing factors. Can a name, 'make or break' the success of your business? I don't think so!

I do think there are things you can think about when choosing a name but I also think the biggest impact comes if the rest of the branding and business as a whole supports the name. 


Now that you’ve taken the Biz Brand Archetype Quiz and have a better understanding of the Experience and Personality that you want to showcase in your brand and business, this should help navigate your business name decision.

You want something that is:

  • Easily recognizable and understandable

  • Try not to use initials

    • I know I did that with MTM but I’m willing to deal with the risks of it ie. more explaining, people not able to understand what I’m saying because ‘M’ sounds like ‘N’ etc.

    • I also combined the logo with the meaning of MTM to support it and I bought danabowman.co and redirected it to livingmtm.com - so when I’m out and about and just want to say my name to make it easier - I have that option.

    • So for you, it’ll be easier if you don’t use any initials ;)

  • Steer away from inside jokes that only you know

  • Easy to say

  • Doesn’t look weird when it’s written out ex: Jonas Cares becomes jonascares.com

  • No different word double letters side by side ex: Merna And Lacy = mernaandlacy.com. It feels weird to type it out, try it!

Your best bet is to keep is super simple, easy to say, explain, and write, and represents that work you’re doing in a direct way.

When deciding to combine both of my business I got to decided what name to choose moving forward!

Which felt exciting to brainstorm and explore and also a little daunting at the same time. Do I keep my first business name, funCTIONAL? I do want to bring the fun back in business and talk more about goal setting, habits, health & fitness... Do I stick with Living More Than Mediocre? I do love the mission, the message, and my heart behind it. Do I totally shift and go with My name in some way? Dana Bowman, dbo, dboco, danab... ?

When deciding a name you also want to see if it's available legally and socially.

You want to know if you can register it your state and claim the social media handles online including the most important one being your website address. My first business is in Kansas because that's where I lived when I created funCTIONAL but LIVINGMTM is in Colorado. I went through research about what to do with funCTIONAL. Do I transfer the business to Colorado, do I "DBA : Do Business As" and operate it through LIVINGMTM, do I buy-out funCTIONAL... 

That decision was made very soon when I found out that someone else in Colorado had, "funCTIONAL, LLC." That narrowed it down to either LIVINGMTM or going with some version of my name.

Depending on the type of business you want to create and what your long-game goals are, those will play a part in determining the name you choose.

For me, the vision and message of what I've created LIVINGMTM to be now and an outline for what it will be in the future embodied everything my heart spark had lead me to create!


Plus I already had the business registered, I had the domain, it embodied both fun, function, creativity, exploration and discovery and honestly, I didn't want to go through 'closing' two other businesses to 'open' a new one! 

If you're in the discovery / deciding boat, check out namevine.com to see if your name is free on multiple social media platforms.

Here are the TOP 2 insights that I learned more clearly in this process : 

  1. You can spend a lifetime going over what business name to choose.

  2. Weigh a couple options like, does it match your messaging and is it available legally + socially then pick and frickin' run with it!

You got this! The best thing you can do is to choose and get started! You'll figure so much out along the way and you get a lot more clarity as you create when you choose to go for it and just run with the bulls!