What do you really REALLY want?

If that's not a loaded question or what, huh?! Really though, when was the last time you asked yourself what you really want?

This question was stamped on my heart shortly after the new year as I was reevaluating what I've created to-date, what I've learned over these last few years of entrepreneurial trial and error, and what I really wanted in my life and business moving forward.


Also a question that for a long time, I felt guilty asking. "What do I want?" "What do I want?" It felt selfish and prideful, expectant and entitled. Until I learned and decided that asking myself what I wanted would make the biggest impact in my life, my family’s life, and the lives of others! Because if I'm doing what I want then I fully come alive in my own life and that's how I get to empower others to do the same in theirs!


We get to create the kind of reality that our dreams are made of - no matter what that is! Whether in life, career, business, relationships, fitness, finances... all of it! And it starts with asking yourself, what do I really want?

Some of the questions I started with:

  • What do I really want?

  • What do I want my life to look like?

  • What kind of personal life rhythm do I want?

  • What do I want for my family?

  • What do I want my business to look like, what rhythm do I want?

  • Who do I want to serve?

  • How can I best serve my tribe in a way that benefits them to the max and gets me super excited too?!

  • Where / what is my sweet spot of serving my tribe and being super pumped to show up and create?

  • How much time do I want to spend in my business?

  • What do I need to create or generate to make this my reality?

  • When do I want all this to happen?!

If you're looking for some help with these same type of q's, I got ya covered! Download this printable + fillable PDF to get your heart centered and your juices flowing to create the ultimate life + biz you love!

I looked at the rhythm of my life currently, the rhythm of both of my businesses, and the rhythm I wanted to created with all of them moving forward. I knew I wanted to bring the fun back in my own business! I knew I wanted to co-create with my people, I wanted to be inspired, and I wanted to create something transparent. Something where we come out from the shadows of our dreams and in the process share more than just pretty squares of 'the good' parts of our lives. I wanted it all - the good, the bad, the fun, and the ugly!

I also remembered and looked back through the feedback of my clients and all the amazing women I got to interview when it came to building their own online presence, brand, and website.

  • "I mean, what is branding really?"

  • "I just want to connect my opt-in!"

  • "How do I be more of myself in my business?"

  • "But shouldn't I have this really awesome logo?"

  • "I just want to have a designer's eye on what I've created to tell me if I'm going in the right direction."

  • "I feel like I have to re-learn Squarespace every time I get back to my business after my day job."

  • "How do I figure out who I'm really speaking to?"

  • "I know what I want when I see something but I need some help getting it all out of my head."

And so much more! All questions that I love helping them figure out, shift through, and guide as to what to focus on that's actually important when it comes to branding and building their websites.

By asking these questions, I know exactly what I want in this season of my life and business and I’ve got big plans for the future! But the next important thing you can do after you know what you want is to start taking action right where you are with exactly what you have in this moment. Everything is right on time!

Two things on this crazy adventure that I have absolutely fallen in love with is #1 Squarespace and #2 Brand Archetypes! After knowing what the web design industry was like when I first started 10 years ago compared to now, it’s incredible how easy web tech is now. When I first learned about Squarespace before I decided to shift into having a Web Design business my first thought was, “Oh this platform is perfect for creatives and entrepreneurs who hate tech and just want to create!“


It makes it THAT much easier for creatives and entrepreneurs to get their gift, services, and products online so they can start building a business that impacts and creating a life they love doing what they love!

As for Brand Archetypes, it’s absolutely powerful the connection you gain in your business when you brand from these psychology principles! They didn’t teach us about Archetypes in design school. We were taught about designing for ideal audiences but for some reason I just couldn’t connect with the concept. Fast forward years later after becoming a vulnerable entrepreneur - putting myself out there was scary - and after I discovered what my Brand Archetypes were it was like a whole new world of confidence, understanding, and momentum opened up to me! I shifted in my own life stepping more into the power of who I am and the gifts I’ve been given and when I did that, life’s magic showed up and my business started kick up!


All of that is why from now on at LIVINGMTM we’re going to be talking all about Squarespace because I just can’t get enough of this platform, Brand Archetypes and LIIIIFFFFEEEE! You’re going to start seeing a lot more info about Squarespace and how it’s super easy for you to create an online presence that has the impact you’re wanting to make in the world, how Brand Archetypes impact your business and #allthingslife along the way!



The first step to accomplishing anything is first asking yourself what you really want? Click here to download a printable and fillable PDF with a few q's to help you discover what that is for you in your life and business moving forward so you can plan it out and rock it out!


Also, drop a comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts of what comes up for you! Any explorations or insights you’ve had after gifting yourself the space to dream again and discover what you really really want!


In fun + possibility!