Platform Party! Choosing the Best Web Platform for you.

There are a ton of website design, development, and hosting platforms out there. If that already sounds like you want to stick your head in a hole and stay there awhile, let me break it down for ya. When I say "Platforms" I'm talking about Squarespace, Wordpress, ShowIt, Shopify, Weebly, Wix, and the like. It's a place where you can create your A-MAZING website with all of your content, branding, photos, services, offers, blog, gallery, opt-ins, shopping cart, and more!

The question then becomes, “ok but which should I choose?”


When I started weighing the pros and cons of website functionality, hosting, support, cost, additional services and honestly how much time it would take me to manage my own website, Squarespace still won out! Ever since diving into Squarespace last year I've fallen more and more in love with the platform and how it's been growing so far!

I was objectively open to shifting platforms when I was doing my exploring and shifting with this rebrand. I started funCTIONAL on wordpress years ago and it felt overwhelming to try and find all the plugins I needed to make the site function appropriately and then keep up with all the updates of all the plugins and how they impacted one another. I’m spinning just remembering it now! I then switched to Shopify since funCTIONAL was a product-based business, it made sense for me to have it on that type of platform, purely shopping cart focused.

when I created LIVINGMTM everything was all online services, resources, and downloadable material so no physical products to ship or sell.

so I popped this sucker on Squarespace!

I'm still learning along the way as Squarespace continues to grow, itself which is another reason I love it! They’re always coming up with new features for entrepreneurs! When I was in small business corporate I would design websites and do what was called Front-end Development which meant I was coding websites to look like my designs. Coding isn’t my jam anymore and honestly, I don’t wanna so I’m not. Another reason as a designer that I love Squarespace is that they offer tech support no matter the updates throughout the longevity of your website as it’s hosted on that platform.

Squarespace is also so.flippin.easy to use, I just can't get enough! 

It's a drag and drop platform yet still customizable so I can create unique websites for my clients and allows for flexibility of improvement for design down the road. They continually add new features like a recent one I got invited to try during their trial period - Email Campaigns - eeekk!! I'm a 'would love to have everything in one place' kinda gal and Squarespace is getting there! 

I just know website creation, management, and upkeep can be a headache, especially for my clients that go cross-eyed just logging into their website to change a sentence. That's why I love creating websites for my clients on Squarespace because you need to get back to what you do best in your business and tooling around with fonts and sizes and making sure your site looks just as awesome on a phone as it does a desktop is not how you spend your time best.  

I weighed my own options the same way.

I wanted unlimited ability to design my site and upgrade it anytime without tons of plug ins. I wanted the tech support backing me up in case I had a crazy website malfunction. I wanted the ease of creating my own pages, optin's, campaigns, and functionality when it came to growing in my business. And I wanted a straightforward way I could figure something out if I wanted to try something new! I also knew that I'm the one that's going to be managing this whole kit and kaboodle. I'm not hiring anyone else to manage my site and that's something to consider when deciding between all the platforms you could be choosing. 

So Squarespace we stay and this is where we'll get to figure out the rest along the way! 

Let me know if you're a fan of Squarespace in the comments below, I'm curious! I don't think there's a one-size-fits-all website platform but I do believe that despite what anyone tells you, you gotta pick the best one for you, your business, your tech abilities and desires to figure out the tech piece on your own, and how much time you're willing to allot to do so. You got this! 

In fun + possibility!



If you’re ready to uplevel your own online presence and you have all your goodies - copy, images, optin, offers etc, and you wanna pop it on Squarespace and want someone who knows their stuff to put it all together for you, hit me up! Click below and we’ll grab a chat to uncover your next level brand + web dreams! Chat soon! xo