Look & Leave When You're Rebranding

Whether you're branding or rebranding, it's really fun to do your research and look for inspiration, duh! However, do so with a look and leave mindset. That’s the best advice I've ever heard when it comes to creating your own brand. There are a ton of different types of branding and design especially when it comes to online businesses. It's also likely you'll be drawn to multiple different styles yourself, that's normal. Again, I know all about that FOMO! What's most important is that you choose a brand and style that fits your type of business, the brand essence you want to create that show cases your Brand Archetype (and you ;) ), the message you want to share with the world, and one that comes more natural to you.


For this rebrand of LIVINGMTM I knew I wanted it to be fun and energetic! I wanted bright and bold colors with a fun, exploring, inviting, and professional feel, yay!

I set out to do my research and that’s when the doubt and insecurity set in.

  • "I really love this website and that website!"

  • "Man, I wish I could design like that..."

  • "I don't know if I can make anything as impactful as that."

  • "I can't do that type of design so I might as well throw in the towel and go retire off the grid on top of a mountain where no one can see me and all I eat are leaves."

Yeah, dramatic, I know but am I alone in this?!

This is comparisonitis. When your eyes shift to comparing yourself as you’re looking at branding inspiration you'll go, who knows how far, down a deep dark rabbit hole of suck! You won't design, create, or decide like anyone else on this earth. You are you for a reason and they are them! They can't create like you and you can't create like them. That's why the world needs everyone to come alive in their own gifts, that includes branding and the online experience you create with your website!

When exploring, discovering, and defining more of what I wanted to create moving forward I started with a Pinterest board of just brainstorming what I liked or wanted - I do this with my clients too! Some of the things I like to collect to jumpstart the design inspiration process are:

  • Textures

  • Lifestyle photos

  • Design Inspiration

  • Feature Image - a favorite, or 'pic that says it all' in relationship to how you want people to feel when they interact with your brand :)

  • Colors + Fonts

  • And anything else that might inspire you

And in each description of the Pin, I add what it is that I like about the photo especially if it includes different elements all in one photo. From this I can just let my heart -unedited- guide me then I take a look at the whole board and start weeding out what fits and what doesn't.

I do this all while keeping my Brand Archetypes in mind!

And that's been the most fun! I'm able to know what my foundation is and create from there. Countering everything I want to make around that Archetype foundation. If it doesn't fit with my Archetype and my mission, it's out! It's really a True North that can keep you on track when your creative heart starts to wander! It's totally ok to love different types of design, I do too.

HOWEVER, you want to focus on sending that Brand Archetype message across with everything you build in your brand and business - that's what's key.

That's where your tribe will get the message on a more subconscious level creating a deeper connection with you, your mission, your services, and that's how you create consistency to keep 'em coming back. They'll know what kind of experience to expect every time they come in contact with you.

AND That's when the magic happens!

When you can keep your Brand Archetypes at the forefront of you mind and Look & Leave when it comes to design then you’re able to create a brand that’s true to who you are and attracts the ideal audience that you absolutely love to serve!

On that note, I would love to hear from you!

Feel free to pop a comment below with any feedback, questions, or experiences of your own with comparisonitis!

In fun + possibility!

Branding, BusinessDana Bowman