"It's like having a craft day with God"

I was recently in New York for two amazing female driven entrepreneur events! The first was the I Heart My Life event hosted by 7-Figure Success Coach and Author Emily Williams and the second was a the NYC Boss Babe event hosted by 3 incredible female entrepreneurs, Natalie Ellis, Dr. Danielle Canty, and Nicy Pidgeon! And talk about inspiring, informative, and connective! Here’s the biggest reminder for me:


You won’t get what you want unless you know what you want, decide what you want, believe that it’s yours, and take the action required to get there!

I’ve been in Emily’s community and she has been my coach over the last 2 years and one thing that drew me to her from the very beginning was when she said, “The How is not your business.“

So if you have all the answers to the above - the what, the decision, the belief and the action - but all you can think about is, “Ok, Dana but Hoooowwww is it actually going to happen?!“

“The How is not your business.”

Legit. Do you know how much I actually DON’T know when it comes to chasing my goals? Literally almost nothing! I know juuuussst enough. I’ll find out a few details and then you’ll see me just going for it. Ask my husband lol

“The How is not your business.”

It’s absolutely the WHAT, that you gotta know first. That brings the clarity. Once you know the what then make a decision that it’s yours. After you make the decision, do everything you can to build up your belief bucket so you stick to that decision! I’m talking paper, pen, and stickies because you know how I love my sticky notes! Write reminders in your planner, write it on your fridge, tell a friend to hold you accountable - anything you can think of to remind yourself that you’re declaring your decision!

Then, take the action you know how to take right now. It won’t be the final action but there is something stirring in your heart right now that you know you can take. Even if it’s a phone call with a friend who’s done what you want to do or researching a little more information - take first action step.

“The How is not your business.”

The How will come! How do I know that? Proof! It’s everywhere! I’ve seen it in my life over and over and over! I jump and the puzzle pieces come - always! You just get to shift your perspective to see it.

As I was reading this morning I came across a section talking about Vision Boards and how our minds think in images and that’s why Vision Boards are so powerful. Then, in the book You are a Badass by Jen Sincero she said, “It’s like having a craft day with God.“

Craft day with God?!!? Whhaatt?! Whether you think of this life’s amazing magic as guidance from God, support from the Universe or any other higher power - that’s what’s happening when you’re making your Vision Board!!

How cool is that!?! When you get clear on what you want the puzzle pieces come when they’re called. You start attracting the opportunities, the surprises, the people in your life to make it happen, you’re literally freaking collaborating with the power of Creation to make this happen!

I’ve never thought about it like that before!

That Vision Board practice takes on a whole different kind of energy when you see it as a collaboration with the Power of Life to make it all happen!

If you haven’t already, make a Vision Board! Set an allotted amount of time so you can be in the space with no distractions and open heart that Everything is Possible! Create what you want for your family, for your tribe, for your business - for your life.

The How will come because that How is not your business! Allow yourself to shift perspectives so you can see possibilities and opportunities that you couldn’t see before!

In fun + possibility,