It all Starts with a Sketch; Letting go of the Logo

When I work with my clients I have them fill out a custom Brand Archetype Discovery Questionnaire so I can get to know their Archetype (after they take the quiz), their vision, mission, and message for their brand and more about what kind of business they have currently and where they want it to grow into the future. All of those elements help me in the designing phase when it comes to the moodboard and the logo.

The same went for when It was time to redesign the LIVINGMTM logo!


As the designer, or at least in my case, it seemed a little more challenging to design for myself than it does when I’m designing for my clients. I’m able to make more concise decisions and continue keeping it super simple and classic - which is one of the best things you can do for your brand!

I knew the Experience I wanted to create and I knew which Biz Brand Archetypes I wanted to express in my business! With all of that in mind, I wanted to create something inviting, bold, fun, and energetic! Something that at the same time was approachable, relaxed, casual, and professional.

I started with a few sketches but knew I needed to get my hands on some text so I can start seeing what kinds of shapes certain fonts made so I can revise from there.

When I started, you may have seen the beginning versions look a little like this:




Then because I decided I’d be taking you on this journey with me and so you knew I was in the process and it wasn’t ‘done’ I added an “Under Construction“ element. So you may have seen:


Even in my own designing I took a step back and a deep breath and took another look. I knew there was a way I could keep the fun and the energy in the logo while also keeping it classic. Because Classic is what lasts! It’s not to say you won’t ever change your logo or upgrade your brand, I actually hope that does happen! That would mzean that your business is growing and you are growing. It means that you’re open to the evolution of your brand and business and you’re willing to grow alongside your people.

Another thing I did is I Let Go of the Logo!

I quit making the logo such a big deal or like it had to have, stylistically, 20 different meanings all in one! EEEHHHHH!!! It doesn’t.

And your logo isn’t really as big of a deal as you think - shocker I know! Blasphemy some designers will say if they ever read this! That’s because I don’t think the design of your logo is where the meaning holds it’s weight. Yes, there are ways to visually express the experience of your brand and business through your logo but that’s not where the meat is. Whatever your logo is no matter the design and font, the only way it MEANS something is by what YOUR CUSTOMERS make it mean based on their experience with you, your services, your products, and in turn what it means about them when they buy from or work with you.

So, when I took that second look and decided to simplify I came up with something that fits way better:


Hehe!! Same goals : inviting, bold, fun, and energetic; approachable, relaxed, and casual. Better solution : simple, classic, and professional.


When you’re designing your own logo or having a designer help you, keep these things in mind:

  • Let Go of the Logo because your logo’s not that big of a deal

  • Keep it Classic and Simple

  • Stay away from the drama - of complicated fonts and wording

  • Choose something easy to read

  • Be open to better solutions

  • Have tons-o-fun with it!

So stoked for your logo process and even more stoked for you no longer letting your logo stand in between you and your dreams! Design, decide and move on knowing that your brand and business will always be evolving!

In fun + possibility,


P.S. If you’re looking for some help and guidance through the branding design phase of your business I’d love to support you! Get in touch and let’s taco-bout it, yay!