Brand Archetypes & Being Yourself in Business


The best thing I did in my business was realize and decide that I don't have to be anyone else to be successful - I just get to be me!

Then the secondary thoughts rolled in - they'll see me as a fraud, who am I to do this work? What if I'm wrong? What if someone else has a different opinion? What if it doesn't work? I'll be laughed at and humiliated. Am I actually good at what I do? Can I really make a difference with this work? Who am I kidding...

THEN I shut that down just as fast as it came in!

I found a new excitement in repelling people who can't handle my energy. People who have told me that I'm "too much" or "too loud," that I need to "be chill" and, "can you just *hands motion down* when we go in here..."

People like that, oh man I can't wait to not see them ever! With a loving heart I say, adios! I love people for who they are and what they bring to the table but I sure as a monkey's uncle do not need to edit myself, my heart, or my behavior for anyone! And neither do you.

It's so interesting what we learn and discover about ourselves when we experience different life stages. Going to college, studying abroad, getting married, becoming an entrepreneur, and I'm not even a parent yet but I know that'll be a whole other learning level when it comes!

I felt like I had to be someone else to be successful in business and since discovering BIZ BRAND ARCHETYPES it's helped me kick that false truth fast and get back to the best version of myself so I can serve my clients at the highest level!

And that's the awesomeness I want for you in your business too! To feel so fully connected to who you are, what you're doing, and who you're serving that you're jazzed every morning to make progress and make an impact! Finding that sweet spot of what you want to create in this world and where that meets your peeps needs! 

BRAND ARCHETYPES is a psychology concept saying that we're all connected no matter the culture, societal norms, time period, or environment that we live in. That on a dormant and unconscious level we relate to one another more deeply without even realizing it.

I’ve fallen l in love! Not only has Brand Archetypes helped me to find more clarity and confidence in my business but it's helped me find my truth north when connecting with my people! It's helped me see a bigger vision of possibility to create a reality based on my wildest dreams! With that, a joy that I can't wait to attract my people who are ready for adventure, like to have a good time, and believes in the power of possibility just as much as I do! And at the same time I'm super stoked to repel the people who can't take a joke or be committed to their own vision of creating a life and business that attracts and connects, and creates a difference in the lives others and the world! Ahhh!!! *running around with arms-a-flailing in excitement!*

Yes, repelling people is a major plus in business!

When exploring more about Brand Archetypes you'll usually have one Primary Brand Archetype and 1 or 2 Secondary Archetypes. I don't recommend trying to add more archetypes even though you'll likely relate to more than 3.


You want to create an inclusive experience with your people. If you know the amazing Marie Forleo then you've likely heard her say in her Jersey accent, "If you're tawkin' to everybodyyou're tawkin' to nobody." When you chose and move forward you'll start attracting your ideal peeps - your lifers : the people that'll hang with you along the journey of what you're creating!

I was so excited to discover my Primary and Secondary Archetypes in a way that meshed with my own personality! I mean, that's the point - that's what's fun about this whole thing and why my work has shifted to include it! Because if you try to be someone you're not especially in business, people will sense that from the first 'hello' and run for the hills! They can tell before you even finish your first sentence.

With Brand Archetypes you get to find a way of expressing your personal authentic self without compromising and in a way that connects with your audience, gives you the freedom to be you, and grants you the clarity to create the impact you're wanting to make in the world! EEEEKKKK!!!

My Primary Archetype is the ENTERTAINER and my 2 Secondary Archetypes are the EXPLORER & CREATOR!











As you've read, I want more fun in business. Why? Because I frickin' love to have fun! I'm serious as far as dedication, determination, and persistence go but you bet your wild boar booty Imma have a good time while I'm at it! I love to laugh and I hug a lot. I tell dad jokes and I make funny faces - pretty much all the time! I get amped over cupcakes and I car-dance like nobody's business! I love being outside any chance I can get, exploring my surroundings and what's possible, discovering new ways of doing things, learning how to be my best self, creating my own More Than Mediocre, and doing life and business differently!

I’m determined to create a Platform of Possibility that inspires the world!

I've been so impacted by this archetype concept that it's now what I use with my clients and it’s a huge part of the foundation I'm creating with this Rebrand! Once you know what you want to create in your life and the essence of what you want to create in your business based on Brand Archetypes - everything becomes clearer, easier, way more fun!

I am so freaking stoked for you to discover your Brand Archetype!

Move past the constant questioning, always wondering what to say or do next and finally get busy creating products, services, and a business that impacts! Your ideal peeps are waiting for you to create what's sparking your heart!! 

I'll have more info to come about each Brand Archetype so until then I have a really fun quiz I created for you to find out what yours is! Click below, take the quiz, then let me know what yours is by commenting below, tagging me on Instagram @livingmtm, or shoot me an email!