How do you become a more powerful you? A more present you? A more loving, committed, persistent, constant, playful, radiant, focused, powerful, adventurous, prosperous, *insert who you want to be* you. 

A better you, the BEST you? Both in your life and your business, right?

You start with you!

You start with what you WANT not what you SHOULD do. What you desire the most, what lights you up and not what others have told you that you 'should' do. 

You've heard or seen me talk about 'should's' before or if this is the first time, welcome! I've been trapped before, and have again recently, in creating pursuits based on what I 'should' do because of x, y, and z INSTEAD of checking in with what sets my heart on fire and going from there.

So simple, right? Maybe you've been there too?

The easy route is to make excuses instead of progress and that's where the power of your choice comes in. I saw a quote the other day by Grant Cardone, I've honestly seen him maybe one other time and don't know much about him but this popped up on my feed,

"I suggest that you become obsessed about the things you want; otherwise, you are going to spend a lifetime being obsessed with making up excuses as to why you didn't get the life you wanted. "

I was on the way to the gym - because it's time to create new normals - and I got a reality check right then and there! 

Our lives are not meant to be a product of someone else's dreams or ideas of what life 'should' be like, feel like, or look like. Oh those pesky 'should's'!

Grab a journal or a scrap piece of paper and ask yourself these few Q's!

  • If I could do anything in the world - finances and 'should's' aside - what would I love to wake up and do everyday?
  • What do I get jazzed to create in my life, my career / business, and in my relationships?
  • What's it going to take to do what lights my up?
  • How can I start doing more of what I wanna, today?

The world needs you to come alive in your own life! Your community needs you, your family and friends need you, your loved ones need you, your spouse needs you, but most of all, YOU need YOU! 

You're ready to drop the 'should's' and start living a life you legit love! A life you're stoked to get up for every morning and EXPERIENCE! One you get to pinch yourself every day because you can't believe this is your life! 

A More Than Mediocre kind of life where you live your life based on wanna's instead of 'should's' and focus on what you love to create in the world, in your relationships, in your career, in your business, and in your life and shoot from there!

Your life is YOURS!

Yours to take to the bank! Yours to explore and to discover, to learn and grow, and to basically be the most awesome version of yourself in everything you do!

I know you're ready! It's your time, right now! 2018 still holds adventures you don't even know about! It's up to YOU to choose progress, adventure, exploration, and to ask even the hardest questions to breakthrough the walls and limits you've created that are keeping you from your dream life. 

Your choice, time to choose your own adventure!

Dana Bowman