This morning I jump into my drink and read time. The chapter I'm on this morning is Habit #1 : Seek Clarity.

Last year I felt like there was something wrong with me because I was 'always' seeking clarity. I felt like I 'should know already' what to do or what I even liked and wanted in my business! Then I remember on an ad video for this book's launch, High Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard said that high performers constantly seek clarity. 

And I felt a weight lift off my shoulders!

In the beginning pages of this book he says, "clarity research tells us that successful people know the answers to certain fundamental questions..."

  1. Who am I? (What do I value? What are my strengths and weaknesses?)
  2. What are my goals?
  3. What's my plan?

And I thought I'd answer them here for myself.

  • Who am I? (What do I value? What are my strengths and weaknesses?)
    • I am an achiever, seeker, and wonderer with child-like curiosity about life and all its beauty and adventures.
    • I love my people!
    • I'm dedicated to creating a life on my terms and constantly calling myself to rise in my own life.
    • I am a woman with a free and committed spirit who gets to be married and keep my wings!
    • I like to climb mountains and tell dad jokes!
    • And I'm passionate about peeling back the layers, asking tons of questions, and learning more about myself and others so we can live our most creative, fulfilling, and adventurous lives!
    • What do I value?
      • I value my independence, the impact of family, and my relationships.
      • I value fun, love, and play in life, work, and at home.
      • I value community over competition and commitment to figuring it out.
      • I value laughter, hugs, and memories made.
      • I value always trying over just thinking, doing over doubting, and failure over fear.
    • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
      • My strengths are my love for others, tunnel vision towards a goal, a never quit attitude, always exploring, perseverance to be the best, and a belief in possibility.
      • My weaknesses are rushing, tunnel vision obsessing, lack of presence and patience, and wanting to always be where I'm not.


  • What are my goals?
    • To put and keep my health as a non-negotiable priority, no matter the season of my life
    • Make a massive impact in my life and the lives of others through the empowerment of self-discovery and online business
    • Create a life full of fun, love, laughs, and adventures, 'life-by-design' style!
    • To love, believe, and seek truth first


  • What's my plan?
    • Be present in this current adventure
    • Create a thriving business in a way that I'm excited about!
      • Try, Fail, Try again
    • Teach others how to do the same
    • Follow my heart sparks


What an experiment!

Over the past few years this has been a common theme in my life, clarity. Especially after I couldn't pass my boards and actually be a nurse. I felt lost, confused, and suffocated and... I was married. So my go-to flea when it's not working, didn't quite work. That's another story for another time but my biggest clarity journey began there.

And I remember the impact questions like these made in that season of my life and how I see it impacting this season the same.

I don't have to, 'have it all figured out,' I just get to, 'figure it out for now!"

How empowering, how releasing! And rightfully so, right?

I mean, if this was 'it' and there wasn't anything new or different to experience in my life for the rest of my days... ah! Even writing that makes me want to hyperventilate! 

I don't want to 'write off' my life, brush my hands and call it good. And my guess is, neither do you. I want to explore and experience! I want to feel the presence of my life in every season! 

I don't want to miss a thing.

I've rushed so much of my life away just rushing to, through, and on to the next thing. You remember that, 'always want to be where I'm not,' part? Not anymore!

I'm giving myself the permission to experience this adventure! The ups, the downs, the frustrations, the doubts, and the triumphs. And guess what, I'm inviting you along the way! 

To feel this life!

So Hello 2018, nice to meet the New You!

What about you? Ask yourself these questions today, 3 months, 6 or 9 months from now. Ask them again and again throughout the seasons of your life! Seek clarity and you'll start living the life of your dreams!

Pop a comment below and share your thoughts or even your answers to some of these questions! One thing I'm very certain of is the power of community and supporting one another! I'd love to hear what you think!

Cheers to your 2018!

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