I'm so happy for this week's episode of LivingMTM TV! It's been a turning point and defining factor in my business and also, more importantly, my personal life. 


Community has always been my goal, IS my goal! Creating community around adventures and trying new things, pushing one another, supporting and stretching one another to reach the next level of success in life and business. Yup, that's my jam! 


I don't want to do business alone, nope not interested. I would go absolutely crazy! I, myself, want to be around people doing amazing things in the world, people I can support and people who are better at what I'm pursuing so I can learn from them and pass that along to be an even bigger support for others, and that includes you.

With one another.

Community is key, my friend! Check out this week's episode for a dose of inspiration about how you can start creating your own community of awesome people in this world waiting for you to step out and speak up and say, oh well helllloo! #adventuretogether

Cheers to creating your amazing, adventurous, spectacular, and life changing community! 

Dana Bowman