Here's what I mean. I gave myself ENOUGH TIME to eat breakfast this morning. Javi usually makes our breakfast but on the mornings when he doesn't then I either don't eat breakfast at all or I'm running outta the house munching on a granola bar.

Turns out I have a habit of not giving myself enough time... like, ever.

I've been frustrated over and over and over feeling like I'm being choked out by time and I never have enough time to do the things I want and I'm left feeling upset, disappointed and honestly disconnected.

Because in the rushing, you're not present. You miss all the moments! ALL THE MOMENTS! That also happened to me this morning. I was on a coaching call and writing an email I wanted to get scheduled before I went to work.

Email didn't happen and I was semi-absent from the call... because of the email.

So I didn't get anything from doing that! Afterwards I felt deflated because as I was splitting my time and attention, neither got my full attention and both suffered because of it. Which I'm the one it hurts the most.

So instead of asking, 'Why do I feel so choked out by time?' I asked, 'What does rushing get me.'

Whew! Here's what first came to mind:

''I want to experience everything possible to the max and I don't want to waste time.'' I associate rushing with having tons of life experiences so I try and squeeze everything in but in the squeezing I miss out on the actual experience.

Make sense?

#mindblown No more squeezing!

Ask better questions. Set yourself up for success. Be in ALL the moments ❤️✌🏼

Chat soon! 

Dana Bowman