When it comes to living out our dreams we can sometimes default to hiding in the shadows of them instead. We not only have a flight or fight response when it comes to danger or fear, which going after our dreams is full of, but we pretty much don't like being uncomfortable.

But as you know, getting uncomfortable is where growth happens. It's where stretching and expanding so we can continue becoming our best selves, takes place. It's when your dreams start becoming your reality.

In this episode of LivingMTM TV Derail Your Default, you'll learn the top 3 tips that help you derail THE default thoughts that are holding you back!

As always I love hearing your thoughts after you watch the episode so comment below the video! Have you been 'derailed' lately? Have you taken the back seat to your dreams, goals, aspirations, or the dream life you want to create because of your default to 'play it safe?'

I tell you what, we're not here to play it safe! We're not here to live a mediocre existence and just... exist.

Life has bigger plans for you, God and The Universe have bigger plans for you... YOU have bigger plans for you!

This week, derail your defaults and follow your heart sparks!

Chat soon!

Dana Bowman