How long have you been waiting to change your mind but the guilt of doing so, disappointing your family or yourself is holding you back?

It's scary to feel so so sure about one decision or direction and to have received the support in that endeavor only to find out it ended up being not quite what you had expected.

It feels shameful and daunting, it feels like you made the wrong choice and now you're stuck for fear of making another 'wrong' decision or disappointing the people who supported you before.

I hear you, I've been there!

In this week's episode of LivingMTM TV we're talking about Changing Your Daaanng Mind!

If you're Type A like me and want to do all the 'right' things and never make a 'wrong' decision so you can be the 'most efficient' or bypass pain... uh, sounds so sterile right?! Let life's magic show you a thing or two about what beauty comes from playing in the dirt a little! 'Wrong' decisions aren't actually wrong. It's our perception of them being wrong which tags on some guilt and shame about making them wrong.

You tell me, how is guilt and shame serving you right now?

Wouldn't it feel more freeing, energizing, and empowering to embrace changing your mind?! To follow your next heart spark wherever it's leading you and learn, experience, and grow along the way?

Give yourself the permission to change your mind.

Life is fart too short to stay where you are if you're not happy. The possibilities are far too endless to wake up every morning in a state that isn't serving you!

I can't wait to hear what you think! Watch Change Your Daaanng Mind and leave a comment with your thoughts, Q's and/or discoveries, whoop whoop!

As always, cheers to the adventures you're creating in your life today!

Chat soon!

Dana Bowman