In the midst of the biggest storm in my life - and in my marriage - I found Danielle LaPorte's work at possibly the most perfect time. If you haven't heard of her work, at the core of it is FIRST defining how you want to feel in your life (love, relationships, career etc) THEN creating your goals around that - what she calls, your Core Desired Feelings

Have you ever created goals like this before? 

This idea is a little different than how we've been 'taught' to create goals in the past and I'm lovin' it! Straight up all about 'dem feels! It grounds me and brings me back to the purpose of my pursuits especially when I get all cray-cray tunnel vision. Timeouts and revisits are needed and hear me when I tell you, it's okay! That means for you too. 

In this week's episode of LivingMTM TV we're talking All About The Feels + Chasing Goals

I can't tell you enough how amazing you are! How gifted, talented, unique, and yes special! For realzies though, there's no one like you! 

I'm so excited for the world of possibilities that are both waiting for you AND happening for you right as we speak. But if you're in that place of overwhelm, frustration, or lack of clarity - watch this episode and take your own timeout.

As always, I love hearing from you!

Comment below the video, let me know if you've gone through this kind of goal setting before  and how that process went for you. Or if you're thinking, "What the frick is she talking about?" Let me know. And especially if you're more curious about how this whole thing goes down - tell me about and ask away!

I hope you have the fabulous week that's meant for you to have.

Dana Bowman