Have you ever felt like this above pic when it comes to money?

You don't really know what you're doing, you don't really feel like you have any or you're wingin' it hoping every month you'll have just enough. Having it or not having it. What to do with it, what not to do with it? Wondering where it's going to come from or worrying about if your bills are going to be paid on time.

How about feeling like you don't know a thing about a budget and what's... energy for? I thought we already paid for electricity... 

You're not alone, I've been there!

Bless my Mom, I grew up in a "we're rich in love" house. Which is 1000+% true! My family is amazing and I've been grateful for my whole life of abundance we've had because we were always provided for.

However, growing up as an adult and even having my husband do all the finances while I was in nursing school separated me from grasping money itself and everything it paid for in our lives and honestly wondering if we had any at all.

I'd always cringe every time he mentioned he wanted something other than Subway when we wanted to 'eating out'. And dessert... oooooohhhh no sir, forget it!

Now, you tell me - what kind of energy do you think that generated in my life?

What kind of energy would that generate for you in yours?

This title may have triggered you in some way for many different reasons including underlying beliefs and mindsets you may or may not even know you have. Some of which may be in this list:

  • OMGoodness that's blasphemy! Using God's name like that, I can't believe her!
  • We can't serve both God and Money. --> Money = The Enemy
  • Woah woah woah woah woah, who does she think she is?!
  • I can do plenty of good that doesn't cost a dime
  • Money is bad and evil (P.s. Hunny, money pays the bills)
  • If you have more money it means other people are without (!!! high alert one for me !!!)
  • Who are you to even have a lot of enough money
  • You have to struggle to 'get paid'
  • Rich people are selfish, I don't wanna be one of those. (aka 'so I'll stay broke')

Any of those running through your mind?

And here's what it really means:

  • Fact : Money changes lives!
  • Another Fact : We can make even BIGGER, HUGER (yes, I know this isn't a word and I probably have too many commas - thanks Amy!), impacts in the world the more mula we have.
  • The more money we have the more good we get to do
  • Money is all around us
  • We're not meant to live in "Poverty consciousness" - getting out of it enables us to attract and generate even more so that we CAN support others!
  • We get to be financially comfortably - MORE than financially comfortable
  • Money Miracles are a thing - straight up
  • We're seriously in relationship with money - like with feelings and stuff

I could go on but my point is that we ARE abundant and we're meant to be EVEN MORE abundant so we can SERVE even more amazing people in this world! The puzzle pieces always start finding their way to you when you START working and looking for them.

Don't get me wrong, if you woulda asked me a year ago about "Money Mindset" , "Law of Attraction" , "Money Miracles" or that I was in a relationship with money I would have given you the weirded look, kinda like the one above, and ran the other way - fast.

"Wtfrick is that lady talking about?! She's in a whole different world."

And a whole different world it is!

  • When you see money as a gift
  • When you start to love money instead of being afraid of it
  • Appreciate every deposit AAAANNNNDDD withdrawal! Hello - that's what keeps the lights on, remember?
  • No longer feeling the chest pounding pain of scarcity
  • No longer making yourself wrong for the decisions you've made but moving forward empowered
  • Being excited to look at your bank account!
    • P.s. this was a big one for me. I used to avoid my bank account like the plague - legit  

Maybe for you, loving money is a foreign idea to you like it was me. Maybe you feel like if you have a lot then you're taking away from someone else or that you'll simply never have enough and be on that mula struggle bus for the rest of your life. 

By shifting our relationship with money to one of love, empowerment, and ACCEPTANCE as we open ourselves to receiving it, we begin to see it flourishing even more in our lives and we get to see the bigger impact we can make each time.

Whether it's in your own finances, your families finances, your dreams or theirs, helping fund a project that changes 1000's of lives - when you have more money you can do more good.

For God's sake, love money! 

You are meant to do big things with all the mula coming your way. Love is so much that you get so much so you can do so much good! For the heart sparks of service you're stoked to be a part of, love money. For the sake of changing your life and your family's life, love money. For those that are waiting for you to pursue your dream so you can impact theirs and they can live their dreams, LOVE MONEY!

You're meant to hold in your possession more than enough for the life of you dreams and then some so you can make a difference in the lives of others, if you're into that sorta thing. Which I'm about 99.999% sure you are otherwise you wouldn't be hanging out with me over here.

so Now what?

First things first, read "How Rich People Think" by Steve Siebold - one of the first, shortest, and most impactful books I read when I started shifting my own relationship adventure with money mindset.

"The cause of their [middle class thinking] inaction is not lack of desire but lack of empowering beliefs regarding the acquisition of money. Beliefs dictate behavior, and behavior dictates results." - Steven Siebold

Hhhmmmm... funny, we were just talking about foundational beliefs last week ;) 

Next, get yourself a journal - you have permission to buy a brand new one! - and a pen and write everything that's coming up for you around this topic. Positive feelings, negative ones, lacking, excitement, dread, fear, anxiety, suffocation - write 'em all down and trace them back to the belief you have that's either supporting your money abundance or rejecting it.

Then for those beliefs that don't exactly generate an abundant energy - write an opposite belief you want to create that's in support of you receiving more money. And blast those suckers, the supporting beliefs, all over your world! Your destop, laptop, phone, ipad, on sticky notes all over your house, or on your pet's head, tell your friends and family!

Invite the wealth and success into your life, believe that it's possible for you then be open to how it can happen by allowing creativity to bite you in the tush and start taking action!

Finally, let me know! I'd love to see how you're challenging your current money mindset and I'd love to continue this conversation about loving money and making big impact!

Comment below with any thoughts or questions that pop up for you.

Cheers to rakin' in the dough! <3 

Chat soon,

Dana Bowman