My first experience with conscious belief was when I was trying to pass my boards after nursing school and I failed 3 times.

When we grow up and we're able to have our parents or other family member, friends, or loved ones tell us we're awesome and that we can shoot for the moon and dream as big as our hearts will let us, we believe them. I mean, why not? We're learning how to do life from those around us as we grow up, at least until we can decide how we want to do life on ourselves.

I didn't realized I had weighed so much of my belief on my Mom's belief in me, instead of having my own. Don't get me wrong, I had some of my own but it wasn't as much and it rocked my boat during my nursing school adventure.

But that's why I get to be here today! I've learned over the last few years of going through that and discovering my own entrepreneur heart, that belief is much more seeded than I ever knew before.

It's in the smallest of daily actions that stem from our beliefs that I've witnessed and it astounds me. I react to my husband because of a certain belief, I come here to be with you because of a belief, I'm either spurred into action or in-action because of a belief.

* No one cares what I have to say
* I'm just going to mess this up anyway
* I don't know what I'm doing
* I don't have enough money or enough time


* If I can change even just one person's life by sharing my story - I'm going for it!
* I'm going to learn along the way and failure is my friend and my teacher, you're welcome here
* I know exactly what I'm doing and who I'm meant to serve in this space
* I have more than enough money AND time for all of my desires!

You get to choose what you believe and what you don't believe. If your beliefs are no longer serving you - you get to release them and create new ones to move you forward.

After you check out this video I would love love LOVE to hear your voice! And I would love to hear your heart around this topic. 

Don't forget, you're awesome, you're meant to be awesome and today is a grrrreat day to start treating yourself, like you're awesome! 

Cheers to you!

Dana Bowman