I'm Dana! 

A home-town Kansas City gal with a Colorado mountain-lovin' heart! I'm a first degree Graphic Designer and second degree Registered Nurse turned 100 degree Entrepreneur after 4 years of dedicating my life to nursing school, 3 attempts, and 8 months later of failing to pass my boards.

My biggest failure spawned a movement of change that has forever shifted my idea of what's possible.

After my 3rd failed attempt I turned 30 that week, had an epic Hillbilly Hootenanny party with an empty 35,000 gallon pool in November, decided I had too much cool stuff to do in this world than to wait around to pass my boards, put pen to paper, and got to work!

Naturally, I was looking for a planner that I could write down all my "cool things" and rock 'em out! Only, I couldn't find one that was fun and had the structure I wanted, so I made my own.

And it turned into my first business!


I created a goal-setting life planner with a focus on health called the funCTIONAL Planner. It was fun, had tons of colors and ideas with the structure to write out your wildest dreams and accomplish them little by little and get this, while keeping your health first!

That business kicked off a success but I felt something still missing. I wanted more relationship and community. So I found some! Women, so many incredible women who were pursuing entrepreneurial dreams of their own! I was so inspired by them and what they were creating. Ah! I found my people!

I also saw how my previous career as a Graphic and Web Designer could really serve these women! I saw them struggle through design & tech, things I thought were easy and came naturally to me.

But I fought it at first. When I worked small business corporate before as a designer, oh girl that world was not.my.jam. But I eventually gave into the gift that I'd been running away from for so long and that's what launched,

LivingMTM, More Than Medicore in life & business!

I was tired of playing small and keeping my own dreams in the shadows. I wanted more! More adventure, more experiences, more love and creativity. More fun in business, more family time and making memories with friends and most of all, more than a mediocre existence!

Time to rise and shine ladies, we doin' this!

So to you I say, welcome! Because I know you feel the same or you woulda done gone left by now! Mediocre is not.your.jam and I'm here to help!

This current phase of LivingMTM is a rebrand! So if you haven't already




"No way that was it... no way just believing in myself was it."

Except it was. This was my first encounter with the power of belief. You see, I had lost my for a while and this failure was an opportunity to get it back -by myself. Becasue my Mom, her belief in me is what I had borrowed for so many years. Whooooo that woman! 

It's funny to me that at my biggest failure, my most spawned a movement of change that has forever changed my idea of what's possible,  

My entrepreneurial adventure jumpstarted because of the biggest failure of my life. I couldn't pass my boards to become a nurse after 4 years of dedication, kitchen floor fetal position crys, and I lost count of the "kitchen towel my life is over I'm a massive failure" moments. 

 At the time I was frustrated, embarrassed, overwhelmed and honestly, fed the frick up!

I couldn't pass my boards to become a nurse.

Lover of life, adventure, branding, freedom, sharing the love, tons-o-hugs, chucking tradition, and Living More Than Mediocre in my life and business! 


I'm a Graphic Designer + Registered Nurse turned Entrepreneur stoked to support makers, creators, and female entrepreneurs who want to build a stand-out brand, online presence, and bring the fun back in business by living out their More Than Mediocre.

Can I get an AMEN?!

This whole Entrepreneur journey has been an adventure of a lifetime! A roller coaster of an experience I wouldn't trade for the world. 

Basically I failed my nursing boards hard, like for 8 months after getting the degree. Side note, you can't actually be a nurse until you pass your boards. You can have the degree and still not be able to be a nurse, crazy! But true. And it was true in my case for 3 attempts and those 8 months.

I'm grateful for the failure! If you caught me in the middle of it then I woulda told ya a different story. But looking back, as I knew would happen, I  

I get to play a creator part in the lives of these powerful women helping them visually shape their message and experience of their online business by creating a brand + website that shares their message, shines their light, and impacts millions! Duh, how cool?!


I'm also pretty obsessed with personal development, being outside all the time, connecting with other powerful women doing cool stuff in the world, having a massive vision and of course adventuring with my dude, Javi and our "offensively adorable" Australian Shepherd pup, Mac!  

Macklemore Winston Optimus Prime Bowman, in fact!

I graduated with a Graphic Design degree in 2008 and started working as a Web Designer and Developer right outta the gate in Kansas City. I had a great job but wanted more impact in the lives of others and at the time I felt like I wasn't living the life I truly wanted.

So I went back to school for nursing!

I spent 4 years taking pre-rec's and going through nursing school only to fail passing my boards after graduating. Which meant I had the degree but couldn't be a nurse... at all. 

It was after the third failed attempt of testing for my boards and a journey of reassessing where I was in my life, what I wanted, and how I wanted to feel, that I became an Entrepreneur. Crazy! I never even thought of being an entrepreneur before because I didn't want a brick-and-mortar and I thought that's all it meant at the time.

Man, was I in for a surprise and a thankful welcome to the times! 


I started pursuing my first entrepreneurial adventure after 'giving up' on passing boards and whatdoyaknow, I passed them the next time I took them! I made it. I persevered and I learned a whole-heck-of-a-lot about love and failure and loving failure during that season. Even though it was extremely messy and I doubted myself almost every single day including my ability to accomplish that dream, I'm now incredibly thankful for that whole experience.

YOU COULD say failing my boards turned me into an entrepreneur <3

It's always hard to see in the mess of things why they're happening. I was mad that was my story. I held onto so much resistance against accepting that part of my life but stronger was my belief in the good that would one day come from it. And here you have it! 

Photo Oct 07, 12 02 25 PM.jpg

I've been on this entrepreneur adventure for the last couple years learning, discovering, adventuring, creating connecting, taking action & watching so many of my dreams come true!

I discovered how I get to use my creativity and design superpowers to support other online female entrepreneurs. These women are no longer settling for a rinse-and-repeat existence or a mediocre life, they're chucking tradition and I get to help them with their branding and websites so THEY can spread their message of growth, adventure, and possibility. So cool!


I've been diving deeper into online entrepreneurship completing a coaching program through I Heart My Life that has absolutely blown my mind, for realzies! I've been coached by Emily Williams, 7-figure Success Coach and James Williams, High Performance Coach. Not to mention the countless authors, speakers, and dream go-getters that have empowered, challenged, and inspired, the creativity in my own heart to the world and my life differently. All of which has been possible because they created their heart-sparked work. 

Through my own journey of seeing mistakes as guiding steps, trying then failing then trying again, and experiencing the many emotions and mindset shifts of recreating my definition of success, I've fallen in love with this adventure of being an entrepreneur. I'm so excited to do this work.

I never thought I'd be an Entrepreneur and now I can't see my life without the growth, creativity, and adventure of it all!

Cheers to learning, never giving up, and the adventure of living, More Than Mediocre!