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Girlfriend, let's chat!

I'm Dana, a home-town Kansas City gal with a Colorado mountain-lovin' heart!!

I'm a first degree Graphic Designer and second degree Registered Nurse turned 100 degree Entrepreneur after on of my life's biggest failures - I couldn't pass my boards to actually be a nurse.

Three failed attempts after graduating nursing school I turned 30, had an epic Hillbilly Hootenanny birthday party, threw my hands up, and chucked nursing it in the you know what-it bucket. I decided I'd retest later but I wasn't looking at another study question and I wasn't putting my life on hold any more!

"I have cool stuff to do in this world, I ain't got time to wait!"

I regained the belief that being a nurse was meant for me. That there was no way I would have felt led to jump careers for it not to be mine. With faith and belief reinstated, 4 months later I passed on the 4th try!

But not before turning into an Entrepreneur, Whoop whoop!


I put pen to paper, literally, and created my first product-based planner business! It was a rush and a dream to have people buy something I created! It was crazy, scary, and exciting all in one!

After the success of the funCTIONAL Planner I felt like something was still missing. I wanted more relationship and community. So I found some! Women who were pursuing entrepreneurial dreams of their own, eek! I found my people!

I was so inspired by them, what they were creating, and I also found how I could help them.

I saw how my previous career as a Graphic and Web Designer could really serve these women! I saw them struggle through design & tech, things that came easier to me.

But I fought it at first. When I worked small business corporate before as a web designer, oh that world was totes not my jam. However, I finally gave into the gift and decided that it gets to mean something different, something bigger and that's when I launched,


I was tired of playing small and keeping my own dreams in the shadows. I wanted more! More adventure, more experiences, more love and creativity. More fun in business, more family time, making memories with friends and most of all, more than a mediocre existence!

Time to rise and shine ladies, we doin' this!

 Over the past few years of my entrepreneur adventures not only have I experienced and learned so much about business, branding, and a whole new wave of tech but also about life, self-care, relationships, infinite possibility, and all of us supporting one another and being better together!



I've seen so many online entrepreneurs get wrapped up in the colors and logo design of their branding that they get stuck and don't move forward in their businesses. That's all going to change! Your brand is way more than your logo and this tech is way easier than it seems. That’s what I get to help you with! To support you, the creative, adventurous, and ambitious entrepreneur, focus on what's really important when it comes to creating a stand-out brand, website, and online presence so you can get back to what you do best in your own business!

I'm taking everything I've learned and created in both businesses about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, building a brand that attracts, connects, and impacts your ideal peeps, and catering to meet you right where you are.

I'm so stoked, THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC!

You can move mountains DIY style by following the blog, you can have me by your side after filling out these few q’s and have it all Done For You where we’ll dive deeper, discover your archetype, and infuse you into a one-of-a-kind stand-out brand, website, and online presence!

How cool, right?! I’m excited but I bet you can’t tell!

Running your own business is hard work but it doesn't mean it's not worth and it doesn't mean it can't be fun! I was there, getting all wrapped up in feeling like I had to be a certain kind of person, do a certain type of business model, generate a certain amount of income, and be 'everywhere' on social in order to be successful...

That's a big ole "...bottle of nope" - Macklemore

Through discovering Brand Archetypes, experimenting, and leaning into where my expertise and excitement meets my client's greatest needs, I've hit the sweet spot and that’s what I want for you!


I believe in you so much, in your own heart-sparked dreams, and in the possibility of it all coming true!


I know how important community is when it comes to accomplishing your dreams. There are times when you just put your head down and rock out your work but having people in your corner really does makes a difference. It's made a big one in my entrepreneur adventure through the many times of wanting to throw in the towel. Whether it was hiring my own business coach, having weekly chats with other entrepreneurs, crying on the porch in horror that I've made the wrong decisions in my business, and then making the biggest breakthrough to-date, one thing I know for sure is that we're better together!

So I just want to thank you for being here!

Thank you for letting me a part of your world and for being a part of mine! It's been because of you, my amazing and really funny hubby, Javi with our "offensively adorable" toy Aussie Mac, and my family, friends, and female entrepreneur gal pals that all of this has been possible.

And so much more is possible for you too!

Sometimes adventures take more than just one set of footprints.



Cheers to Living your, More Than Mediocre!